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Working in a Bar the Pros and Cons of being a Shot Girl

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"Working in a Bar the Pros and Cons of being a Shot Girl"
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What is a shotgirl? If you are in the nightlife business you should definitely hire some. And if you are into the nightlife you should definitely BE one - it's like getting paid to go out, only you don't pay to get in and you never have to wait online.

A shot girl is basically a bartender without the headaches, and with fuller pockets at the end of the night.

If you are looking to work in a bar I would definitely look into becoming a shot girl. While a bartender has to not only make the drinks, deal with a line of eager people impatiently waiting to get drunker, get money in and out of the cash register as quick as possible, and worst of all (depending on the bar) split their tips between the other bartenders and barbacks, a shot girl gets to hang out with friends and make money at the same time. This job encourages you to not only bring your friends to work but to hang out with them as well.

At the beginning of the night you usually ask the bartenders for a few "shot bottles". These are previsouly empty liquor bottles now full of a shot mixture, lemon drops, soco and lime, etc. etc. You buy your bottle from the bar, which can range from $60 to $100 depending on the bar and how strong the shots are. Don't worry, you will make your money back times two. Some bars won't ask you to buy the bottle first, but you will have you give them some of your earnings after you finish it off, they have to make money too. Then the bar supplies you with a tray and some shot glasses.

Now, here is the important part. The more shot glasses you can fit on that tray, the less time you waste re-filling it, and the more money you make. On busy nights, like the night before Thanksgiving* and special events this is important, because your tray will be gone before you even make a lap around the bar. After you fill up your tray, you head out there and just walk around, and the customers come to you.

As far as selling the shots, you make up the prices. That's right you make up the prices. Whoever hired you will ususally suggest something because the type of place will usually determine the price people who come there are willing to pay, but you can sell those little glasses for however much you want. You can go with the popular two for five deals, 2 shots for $5. Or sell them one at time. And if you have ever been to a bar, you know the range of overpriced drinks - so price accordingly. If you price too high and no one is buying, you can change it throughout the night. It's as flexible as you want it to be. And when the guys start offering to buy you a shot, you take the money, pretend to drink one, and put it right back down on the tray (if you don't want to waste a shot, otherwise drink up!). At the end of the night if you're looking to finish your tray, your best bet is dollar shots.

Wear something with pockets, and always have singles for change. Make sure you have a lot of pockets, or a big bra to stuff that money into because you don't want to be emptying your pockets every twenty minutes to make room for more money. It's all about being out in the bar as much as possible, and going in the back to either refill your tray or put money away as little as possible. The more you're out there, the more you make.

How much you make depends on the night, and it depends on you. If the bar is crowded, I've made up to $400 and over in a few hours. If it is empty you may only go home with $100. But still, $100 in one night, and to hang out at a bar is pretty good.

Your earnings also depend on you. If you stand in the corner with your friends you'll make money for sure. But if you hang out with your friends and occasioanlly walk a few rounds through the bar/club, you'll make more. If you you actually ask people if they'd like a shot, you'll make more. If you walk by a crowd and and say "shots, 2 for 5!" you'll make more. If you go up to couples, and ask the guy if he'd like to buy the girl a shot, you'll make more.

How much you make directly depends on how agressive you are and the tricks you learn, and you will learn them.

To get a job like this you have to find out who owns the bar, or runs the events or "parties". Ask them if they need any shot girls, make an outgoing and friendly impression, and that's all it takes. If you know someone who bartends they may be able to tell you who to talk to.

A job like this is perfect for someone in college, when you're going out all the time anyway and you have plenty of friends and acquaintances who will buy your shots! I was a shot girl in college and it was the most fun I ever had and the easiest money I've ever made. My friends would come, my boyfriend would come, I met tons of new people, and it was always a good time. You get to know everyone in the business, so when I would go to other bars and clubs I wouldn't have to wait on line or pay there either. It's just a lot of fun all around and the perks are endless, you're never bored or looking for something to do because you know what's happening!

When life gives you a challenge, take a shot! Have fun out there!

* Although your "workplace" is usually a bar or nightclub, this is a safe job. Every club/bar has bouncers. Part of their job is to watch the shotgirls like a hawk since you're walking through the crowd. You have better protection and you are safer than if you were just going out.*

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