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Why most Jobs Require a High School Diploma or a Ged to get Hired

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"Why most Jobs Require a High School Diploma or a Ged to get Hired"
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There are many reasons why most employers expect their employees to have a high school diploma or an equivalent document for employment. Most employers want to be sure that their employees have a very basic knowledge of fundamental skills before giving them the opportunity to work for their company. Failure of a person to obtain any formal education is an indication to most employers of a lack of dedication by the individual to the learning process. This is not in the best interest of the company because if a person cannot commit to being educated, the chances of them committing to any profession are very slim.

Furthermore, children that do not graduate high school are 62 percent more likely to quit a job than individuals that have completed a high school program or equivalent learning program. Most employers also are not willing to invest in young people that do not have a strong ability to commit to a job. This is because it does not make sense for employer to invest in someone that will not work up to his or her maximum potential. This can be very difficult because some of the people that do not have an education have turned the life around sufficiently.

It is necessary for almost every employee to have a basic knowledge of both language and mathematical skills. Without a high school diploma, there is no guarantee that a person will have the necessary skills to survive in the workplace. On a subconscious level, many employers are rewarding the dedication of students who complete the high school requirements. Society expects education from individuals that want decent rates of pay. Most employers do not want to deal with the potential discipline problems that come with hiring someone that does not have a high school diploma.

In the current economy, education is necessary to be successful in any profession. Even if a person goes to a trade school, they will have an advantage over someone that has not completed basic educational requirements. This is because employers have more prospective employees to choose from than any other time in modern history. Most civilized countries are over populated; therefore, a person that does not have adequate educational training is at a large disadvantage when trying to support themselves financially.

Furthermore, employers would have a problem with other employees if they were to hire someone who was not educated. This is because a person that is under educated may not have the practical knowledge to survive within the work place on a social level. Therefore, the professional standard is that jobs that require mental stimulation also require a complete education as a requirement for employment.

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