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Why Good Communication Skills are Important to have in a Job Interview

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"Why Good Communication Skills are Important to have in a Job Interview"
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Good communication skills are essential when you go for a job interview, because the whole point of an interview is for you to alert potential employers to your qualities – one of which tends to be the ability to communicate. It is one thing to say on your application form that you are a good communicator, but if you have difficulty getting your point across during your interview, this may leave the interviewer somewhat doubtful. It is therefore important to be clear what you’re intending to say to avoid not saying enough or else saying too much!

However, when you enter an interview situation you can find yourself overwhelmed by nerves. You may have spent quite a long time preparing for your interview – thinking about potential questions and how to go about answering them – yet find that as soon as you enter the interview room your mind goes blank. It can be extremely difficult to overcome the anxiety that comes with attending an interview, especially when you know there is so much at stake. The more you want a job, the more nervous you seem to get.

It is when you’re nervous that you sometimes find yourself giving silly answers to serious questions because you simply can’t think of anything else to say and so any plan to come across as an effective communicator goes out of the window. Interviewers may be prepared to give you some leeway as most are sensitive to the fact that going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking process. Thus, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get worked up because you’ve just said something you hadn’t intended to. There is always time to turn the interview around and so you should try to stay positive.

You should also try to remember that you not only communicate through the words that come out of your mouth, since your body language and the way you present yourself will also offer an indication of your communication skills. If you are sat upright and have a confident air about you, you are likely to be viewed as a more effective, open communicator than someone who is slouched in their chair, avoids eye contact and appears to be mumbling.

There is a lot to remember when you attend an interview and so you can sometimes forget that you actually have to prove that you’re an effective communicator by what you say, how you interact with the interviewer and how you carry yourself. If you manage to get everything right you clearly have a much better chance of success than if you don’t.

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