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Why Good Communication Skills are Important in the Workplace

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"Why Good Communication Skills are Important in the Workplace"
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If you are searching to build trust and good collaborative working relationships, it is essential to have good communication skills in the workplace. Communication embraces many different components in the workplace. Communication is the method to share information with colleagues, is part of team building, customer service, conflict management and every interaction that takes place that involves some form of communication. The goal of all communication is to develop a common understanding in what was said and the message that comes across is the same to all parties involved.

Communicating in the workplace is full of challenges and can be a very difficult task at various times. It takes a strong sense of self and personal confidence to allow yourself to become vulnerable with your colleagues that you interact with. Communication is essential because this is how growing successful working relationship occurs.

Communication also includes an element of integrity. If you do not possess integrity, you will be seen as individual that lacks credibility. You cannot communicate effectively when you are not viewed as a credible person.

In this world of constant change, communication is the essential tool to help prepare people for changes in their working environment. Changes need to be clearly communicated and why it is necessary to make the changes. The clearer the communication about the changes that will occur and what are the expected behaviors from the employees, the more receptive employees will be to the change.

The workplace is a very diverse group of individuals. Communication must occur that all employees from every background are a valued part of the organization. Communication needs to occur that includes people from diverse backgrounds in different projects, decision making and part of the problem solving and resolution processes that take place. Failing to communicate effectively with all employees can cause chaos and create a difficult working environment where significant breakdown of communication will occur. This type of environment that has a breakdown in communication will decrease productivity and can be destructive to an organization.

Another major challenge with communication in the workplace is the ability to share information with different departments in an organization. If the message is not the same to all individuals and they hear conflicting information, it will change the message the organization is trying to get across. The core message needs to be the same with all individuals or major conflict could develop.

Successful organizations create atmospheres where employees feel valued. Fostering an open communication environment is necessary so every employee has the opportunity to share ideas and be heard..Successful organizations clearly communicate that they appreciate all ideas and contributions.

Good communication is essential in the working environment. Communication supports all aspects of the working environment,and no organization can exist without communication. The quality of the communication is what makes the difference to having a successful organization. 

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