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Why Choose a Radiology Career in the Healthcare Industry

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"Why Choose a Radiology Career in the Healthcare Industry"
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Choosing a medical career can be a daunting task. Doing one thing for the rest of your life is a very important decision. If you like the medical field, but can't stomach being a nurse then radiology just might be what you are looking for.

I have been an x-ray tech for 14 years. It can be quite rewarding. My husband has also been a tech for 13 years. We have a very comfortable lifestyle, and we both enjoy the field. After you are accepted into the program it takes two years of training to become a radiology tech. Not too shabby considering most degrees take 4 years or more to complete. If you want to choose one of the specialty modalities you may be required to take an addition year to year and a half. The more you train the more your income potential is.

My husband chose the hospital route. He works in surgery and loves it. Personally I prefer no weekends and no call. I chose the clinic route. Even more specific I chose orthopedic specialty. Most clinics need techs and the pay may be a little lower, but if you do not want to tie your weekends up this is the way to go.

With all the modalities now it is impossible to get bored. You can choose from ultrasound, CT, MRI, Cath Lab, surgery, and diagnostic, and many more. Some hospitals have dedicated ER techs. This is where most of the action is! If your fast paced and don't mind a little trauma this is for you!

There are many different possibilities of hours too. If you are a night owl the 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. is the perfect shift. Nights and weekends make everyone happy. Hospitals have a variety of hours. If you don't want to work many hours there is always PRN and part time shifts. This is perfect for Mom's who want to be home with their children. Weekend option is a great way to be off all week too. This allows you to to work two 16 hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays and be off all week. I have friends who love this shift.

You have to have a caring heart and love to work with people to become a technologist. Many are hurting and sick. When I work with a patient I give them all the respect and love that I would want to be treated with. This is very important to patients and their families.

Patient turn around is a matter of minutes instead of thorough care for days as in nursing. Not to say nursing is a bad field. It is a wonderful way to go too. Health care careers are always in demand, and you cannot go wrong with any decision. There will always be sick patient to care for.

I highly recommend the radiology field. You won't be sorry of your choice.

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