Why a Manager needs to Communicate well with Staff

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"Why a Manager needs to Communicate well with Staff"
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Communication is a critical factor in the running of any business. In today’s global marketplace, with the high level of competition in every sector of business, it has become imperative for managers everywhere to be able to communicate well with staff. To be able to achieve his business objectives and keep the company's business running smoothly, a manager would need to equip himself with diverse tools; the ability to communicate well with staff is one such powerful tool which the manager can make good use of.

Managers, who imbibe the skill to communicate well with staff, can generally garner maximum support and yield the best possible results for their company’s business.However, this skill may not always come naturally; it has to be learnt and practiced diligently to be able to procure impressive results. 

Here are six specific reasons why a manager needs to communicate well with the staff: 

1-To build a rapport

A manager needs to communicate well with staff in order to know each of his staff members better and build a good rapport with them. With effective communication he can motivate his staff, spark interest in the company’s growth, win cooperation from the staff members and build their level of competence. Building a fine rapport can yield the finest results- - -both in the interest of the company and its employees.

2-To elicit trust

Communicating well with staff helps to elicit their trust. It motivates the staff members to readily believe in the manager’s sincerity of purpose wherein his integrity is seldom questioned. Knowing that his staff trusts him implicitly, the manager can confidently set the tone for high level performance and steer his staff in the right direction. Good communication allows the manager to motivate the staff to greater effort and work together in the pursuit of accomplishing the organization’s goals.

3-To create the right opportunity

Good communications creates the right opportunity for open discussions, exchange of ideas and sharing of valuable information between the staff members and the manager. It provides an opportunity for the manager to keep the staff informed about the company’s success, future policies and appreciate his staff’s contribution to make it happen. 

4-To aid in problem solving 

Communicating well with staff enables the manager to get diverse perspectives and ideas; these can serve as aids to solving multiple work-related problems. By demonstrating warmth and genuine concern for staff welfare, the manager can arrive at mutually beneficial and practical solutions and get the tasks accomplished on time.

5-To create team spirit

 An effective manager needs to communicate well with staff in order to create a team spirit within his organization. He avoids an air of superiority and is courteous and respectful to all his staff members at all times. This helps to build up the staff morale and ensure that the staff is comfortable in expressing their concerns and not intimidated by his presence.

6-To win cooperation

A manager, who communicates well with staff, is very likely to receive all the cooperation he can get from his staff members. He is keen to communicate positively, is ever ready to give appropriate feedbacks and express praise or satisfaction for the job well done. An accomplished manager communicates well by speaking clearly, listening carefully and writing precise directives to win maximum cooperation from the staff. He also keeps his cool and avoids arguing, criticizing or being judgemental with staff.


Mastering a fine blend of the above communication skills can be the formula for success in any business venture. By routinely incorporating these in his communicative practice, a successful manager can increase his overall effectiveness and take a giant leap forward to achieve extraordinary results.

Your staff is the most valuable asset you have on your team. You have got to do everything possible to keep them happy to be working for you.  

Source: Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe

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