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Traits of a Good co Worker

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What are some of the traits of a good co-worker? A good co-worker is someone who is respectful and always is willing to help out. A good co-worker is dependable, reliable and is willing to help out whenever needed. A good co-worker is someone who is willing to be there for others and work hard for the good of everyone around.

A good co-worker is going to be there for you no matter what. The good co-worker is someone who will always show up on time and is going to be there to help you out and help you get your job done. When you need the numbers report, the numbers report will be there for you. When you need that person to go on register to tame the lines, the good co-worker will jump on without questions asked.

Good co-workers have a knack for getting people to like them. They can take a bunch of different personalities and get those personalities to work together for the common good, or at least because the one co-worker is so likeable. That person is able to use their favorable impression and turn it into something that is worthwhile for the entire company.

Another trait of a good co-worker is that the good co-worker is going to be the one who supports you, and not the one who stabs you in the back.  Some people feel like the good work of others is a threat to their own career, where the good co-worker realizes that the good work of one could help out the entire department or company. They see that the success of one can eventually be the success of everyone.

The biggest aspect to  being a good co-worker is that you care about your job and the other people trying to work around you. No listening to loud music or having the pencil tapping loudly on the desk when others are trying to make business phone calls. You also are going to be a good soldier and make sure that you are doing your part to help the others succeed.

Good co-workers are hard to find. Some people are only out for themselves and will get their own promotion based on anything from lying to getting others in trouble. Some just don’t care about the job or the fact that others are trying to get ahead. However, there are some good people out there, hopefully you get a chance to work with them.

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