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Tips for Dealing with Unemployment

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"Tips for Dealing with Unemployment"
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Free time is a beautiful thing but too much quickly becomes boring and even lonely. Especially when you have little or no money. Unemployment can be incredibly stressful and depressing, but here are my tips for dealing with unemployment;

- Act Quickly!

When you first find yourself unemployed, don't count on getting a new job in the next week. Look for all the assisstance you can get. This is not a shameful thing - it only becomes so if you then rest on your laurels rather than work at changing the situation.

- Live To Your Means

You may need to make adjustments, there are many places that will help you free of charge to develop a functional budget. Living frugally is not as difficult as it may seem.

If you are in debt, or are getting into debt, do something about it! Call the companies you owe money to, explain your situation and figure out a payment plan. You'd be suprised how accomadating many companies are, so long as they get their money at some point, they are often quite satisfied!

- Job Hunt!

Goes without saying, right? Either way, the first thing you need to do is make sure your resume is up to scratch. There's many websites that will assisst you in this, including this one. In your search for unemployment assisstance you may also find assisstance in this area - assisstance with resumes, interviews, and finding jobs to apply for! Most importantly, don't give up - perhaps set yourself a goal of a certain number of applications per week and try to meet it. Remember - 40 applications for 1 interview and 10-20 interviews for a job is the average.

- Be Reasonable!

You are not going to get a job as a doctor if you are not qualified. I know this is an extreme example, but apply for jobs you are qualified for rather than waste your time and effort!

At the same time, don't sell yourself short. Perhaps you do need to apply for low level jobs as well, but apply for any jobs you are qualified for that sound good to you too!

If you want to head out in a new direction, you may even find free or sponsored courses to give you new qualifications! This is something you should ask about as you look for assisstance!

- Take Time Out!

Remember to take time for yourself. Be social, even if this means joing a local club that interests you. This doesn't have to cost you those precious dollars you don't have right now but it's important to do things to make yourself happy, relieve the boredom, monotony and lonliness. Think about volunteering - something that is truly good for the soul and at the same time, something that many employers look on favourably!

Unemployment is unarguably difficult, but I have found, that by using these tips myself, the whole situation becomes more managable.

It may take time, but you will find that job, and imagine just how much more satisfying you will find that next paycheck, compared to someone who has never really had to deal with unemployment!

Good luck, and remember, for going through this experience you will be a stronger, wiser person!

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