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Tips for Dealing with a Bad Manager

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"Tips for Dealing with a Bad Manager"
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The workplace brings many challenges and one of the greatest of these is dealing with a bad manager.  Considering the economy and the difficulty in finding new employment, learning to cope with a bad manager is a better alternative.

Learning to deal with a bad manager takes a great deal of patience.  Dealing with this person means working on your personal attitude and outlook.

• Begin with yourself

You will need to ask yourself several questions.  Do you like your job?  Is it worth the work it will take to work through the issues you have with your manager?  Once you honestly answer these questions, you can move forward.  Leaving a job because of a bad manager is not a wise decision.  There are bad managers in many work places and learning to cope is easier than moving from job to job.

If you like your job and the job has potential then there are several things you can do to ease your own personal stress.

Accept the fact that this person is your superior.  Consider the job they are doing is not an easy one as they are required to have a strong managerial personality.  They are not there to be your friend and quite often come across as “high and mighty”.  Learn to respect their position and this will help you to cope with difficult situations.

Changing your attitude toward this person will be helpful, not easy however, but helpful.  Learning to accept them in their role is necessary if you want to keep your job. The only exception to this would be if you are being harassed or abused in any way.  No one should disrespect another employee just because of their position.

• Learn stress relieving techniques

There are many ways you can learn to deal with the stress a manager may cause.  Take deep breaths.  Count to ten.  Focus on someone or something else.  Walk away for a few minutes and get some fresh air, if possible.  These actions will give you a moment to regain your composure after a stressful situation and help to relieve tension.

• Communicate

Talking to your manager can help improve communication.  In a professional manner, share your concerns with him/her.  If at all possible try to keep your personal feelings out of the conversation.  The focus should be how to improve the quality of the job and it is important not to put them on the defense. 

If you know for a fact that a conversation will not improve the situation, it would be best to avoid any confrontation.  

• Last resort

In the case of any personal abuse, you must as a last resort, go over his/her head.  You should report this to their superior and do so in a professional manner.  You should keep a record of any abuse and record situations that have impacted the quality of your work because of their actions. 

Bad managers are in every work place.  Prove yourself to be an outstanding employee and this fact should not affect your ability to do a good job.  Leaning to cope and tolerate a difficult work situation will help you gain helpful experience in and out of the workplace.  By your professional attitude and sincere actions, you may help to improve your work environment and make it tolerable.

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