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The Dangers Involved in being a Firefighter

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"The Dangers Involved in being a Firefighter"
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If you are considering firefighting as a job, there are some things that you should be aware of. Firefighters put their lives on the line everyday to ensure the safety of others.  If you don’t understand that, it is time that you learned the various ways in which a firefighter puts himself in danger before you decide on it as a career. Firefighting jobs are not only difficult, they can cost your life.

Here are some of the dangers of being a firefighter on the job:


Fire is dangerous and it is that plain and simple. Anytime a firefighter goes out on a call, there is always a chance that he/she won’t come back. That is why it is so important that firefighters go to the training that they have to go through for safety. These aren’t just basic courses either. Any firefighter that wants to be on the job has to take firefighting classes that involve going into actual fire situations for practice. The training itself can be deadly. Even if you don’t die from injuries, the injuries can be very severe.

Falling Debris

When there is a fire, there is also the chance of falling debris hitting the firefighter. It pays to be careful when you are in a burning building. You never know when something might give way. Even though this isn’t always deadly, it can seriously injure you. This is another part of the training efforts to prepare firefighters for the job. It helps you detect when something may be falling or getting ready to fall so you can get out of the way.


It is very easy for a fireman to fall through the floor, roof or even stairways. The fire weakens and eventually causes these surfaces to give way. A firefighter needs to know his/her business when it comes to this. This is another life or death situation can quickly occur. It happens more often than you think. It is much harder to detect if the surface below you is going to give way than any other thing. Learning how to avoid damaged areas is just one more part of training that you have to have before you can be safer on the job as a firefighter.


Separation from team members can be a life threatening situation. It is important for firefighters to always keep in contact with their partner. Firefighters should never go into a building alone. That is a basic rule that all firefighters know but don’t always listen to. If you are heading into a building, know who you are paired with. It is easy to lose sight of the person you are with so you will have to rely on other methods to make sure that you are all safe. If something happens, the others will have a general idea of how to help you.


Smoke inhalation can cause death. It most often will cause breathing problems though. If you inhale smoke on the job as a firefighter, you may be sent to the hospital to make sure that you are alright. Too often, firefighters will walk into a burning building without the proper gear on. That is the most dangerous thing a firefighter can do on the job. Make sure you have all your equipment on before you decide to walk into a burning building. Make sure that the oxygen tank is full. This is how many firefighters are injured but one of the most preventable situations there is for a firefighter.

These are just some of the dangers of firefighters on the job. It is important that firefighters follow all precautions. If you are considering being a firefighter, be aware how dangerous it is from the minute you start out on your career. Pay attention when you are taking the required courses. This is one class you can’t afford to slide by on the skin of your teeth with. Firefighting is a noble profession but it is also one of the most dangerous in the world.


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