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Starting a Career in your 40s

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"Starting a Career in your 40s"
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You have high hopes and ambition about starting a new career. You roll the idea around in your head. You realize you are frightened! Not because you are going to be venturing out into the great unknown of the career field but because you are 40. Is it feasible to believe that at this age you can actually move into a career? Of course you can! Have a little faith being 40 doesn't mean you have given all you have to give to your corporation. It simply means you have had the time to experience different types of work and have chosen your career path. That is a thumbs up plus for you over that brand new out of high school 18 year old!

If you have to have schooling in order to get into a field you want start the enrollment application. You are not getting any younger, now is the time to do it! If this is really what you want to do you can and will make it happen. Don't waste your life away in a job you hate because you fear your age. You are not so old that you have forgotten what you want to do with your life!

In order to start a career you should prepare yourself effectively. Bite the bullet so to speak. Decide what you really want to do. Once you have what career you wish to pursue begin looking for jobs in that field. Do not let your mind talk you out of it! Comply a nice resume. Put in applications. Once you get that interview look nice, prepare well, and answer all questions with an intelligent honest answer. If you don't get hired the first time around don't fret apply to another company.

Once you get that call that you have gotten that dream job all your hard work and determination will be paid off. Be proud of yourself! The first day you walk into that job be confident. Show the company what you have to offer. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated by the fact that many of the employees may be half your age. Impress them with your wisdom, self control, and intelligent ideas. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have them. This is how you learn to do your job correctly and show others that you are not frightened by what you do not know. Do your best and if your company relies on team work be a part of the team. Try not to step on any toes but volunteer for extra work if you can take it. Soon you will become a vital and knowledgeable part of your corporation.

Starting a career in your 40's is not a failure waiting to happen. You must simply be willing to work hard and take on the burden of being in a new place of employment. You have a lot to offer a company at this point in your life. You have worked different jobs so you realize what you want to do. Each of those jobs have equipped you with many skills the younger generation has yet to acquire. You at this point in your life are not easy to fly off the handle and walk out of a job just because some small something didn't go your way. You are the perfect worker! You set the stage by example to the younger generation. As you show up daily for that job you so badly wanted you are saying to them see what you can do at 40!

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