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Skills Required to Land a Job in Retail Management

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"Skills Required to Land a Job in Retail Management"
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There are no hard and fast rules for getting a job in retail management. Many of the large retail companies promote from within, which is a massive incentive for employees who wish to seek advancement. It is in the sometimes fraught world of the shop floor that the skills for retail management are forged. Here you will be noticed by your line manager and talent spotted if you show the potential and will to be promoted. Some of the attributes needed I will now list below.


This is a major requirement. Any potential candidate for management must show that they are devoted to the business and the customer. It requires you to go that extra mile, put in the hours (sometimes unpaid) that the trade needs. At times you may need to work unsocial hours when everyone else is out enjoying themselves, for example Christmas or other holiday periods. Show your willingness to go beyond the call of duty and you will advance.


The retail environment is constantly changing with new technology, more stringent labor laws, and the ever constant demands of the customer. You must be able to move with the times and changes. Retail is an area that never stands still and neither should you. Show that you can think outside the box and be the instrument of change yourself. This brings us neatly onto the next point.


Personal drive or self-motivation is essential. The demands on a manager are many. You will need to meet targets in numerous areas. Sales, payroll, waste and even talent spotting is measured in many companies. As a manager you will need to motivate yourself and your team to meet and exceed those targets. Again an ability to think outside the box, as well as being solution focused will help you to achieve your budgets.

Personal Integrity

This is important. Without it you will not go very far or even land that first position. If you can show that you can be trusted with completing tasks, that you mean what you say and your actions back up your words, then you will gain the buy in of those around you. Without the trust of your team you will be unable to achieve any of the targets set for your store.

The above are only four skill sets that you will need in the management world of retail. They have helped this writer in his career and still do to this day. One more thing to remember as you set forth on your career in management. Set your standards high and never settle for anything less from yourself or others.

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