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Skills Needed to Apply for Assisted Living Jobs

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"Skills Needed to Apply for Assisted Living Jobs"
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A position at an assisted living facility can be extremely rewarding.  You can make a true difference in the lives of people who may be facing substantial challenges.   You can become a friend or even family in a manner of speaking to the residents.  If you are thinking of applying for such a job, you will want to have certain strengths.  The following are skills needed to apply for assisted living jobs.


You will need to be patient if you are working at an assisted living facility.  Although the rule in the modern world seems to be move as fast as you can, that is not so in an assisted living facility.  The residents often face an array of physical and/or mental challenges, and things will take time.  If your task is to help someone dress, for instance, it may take quite a bit longer than it normally takes you to dress.  You will need to be able to handle that with grace and without a rise in temper.


Working in an assisted living facility, you will want to be understanding.  Many of the people will be going through hardships that may be difficult for you to contemplate.  They may be upset or say things that are inappropriate.  If this happens, you should be able to be understanding of them.  As best you can, you will want to be able to put yourselves in their perspective.  You should be able to listen to them, and help make their lives better.  Someone with a short temper might not do well in an assisted living facility.


You will need to be kind to the residents.  It is amazing how a little kindness can go such a long way, but that is what they need.  Many of them will have visitors only a few times a year; others may have no visitors at all.  You might be the closest they have to family.


You will want to be physically gentle when handling the residents.  Depending on your job, you may have to help the residents with different activities such as dressing, showering, etc.  You will want to be sure to be able to be gentle so that you do not accidentally hurt them.  Many of them are frail; thus this is not as difficult as it may seem.


A job in an assisted living facility can be quite important, and the more dedicated to it the better.  You will be providing a vital function – you should remember that as you apply for an assisted living job.

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