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Skills Needed for Security Guard Jobs

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"Skills Needed for Security Guard Jobs"
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The security industry plays a vital role in every day's life of the community. Because law enforcement officers cannot be everywhere at the same time, security guards' presence is needed at some specifics location to help protect property, assets, and people. Their mission is "observe and report". Some skills are required before hiring unarmed or armed security officers.

1. Military, police or security guard-related experience

All security guards will certainly go through additional training before receiving their badges and uniforms. However, the hiring process will be easier for those who have military, police, or security guard-related experience compare to that of newly licensed security guards. Officers who have worked in these fields before are familiar with the security guard duty, which is "deter, detect, observe, and report." They are better prepared to perform it.

2. Good verbal communication skills

Because security guards are dealing with customers and clients on a daily basis, they should be able to communicate effectively, meaning accurately, with self-confidence and god articulation.  They must practice active listening, and social perceptiveness.

3. Good written communication skills

Professional security officers must have good written communication skills, for they will deal with report, memos, electronic mail, or jobs description throughout their careers. They should be able to write in proper and good English.

4. Good customer service experience

Security guards, in most cases, are the first person customers meet in a business, a community gate, a school, or a court house. Therefore, they make the first or best impression regarding the company whom they work for. In that case, only officers who have good customer service experience will make all the difference.

5. Good judgment and decision making

The security guard must know how to deal with crisis, bad behavior, attack against assets, property, or people. In order to make the appropriate decision, he or she must have good judgment.

6. Vehicle driving and defensive driving skills

A security officer must be legally authorized to drive with a valid driver's license, and have defensive driving skills. That means, not only that person knows how to drive a vehicle, also he or she must  be able to "drive to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others." (National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course)

7. Computer's skills

It is difficult for one to find a job in this marketplace without proper computer knowledge. All security officers must comply with this requirement.

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