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Signs your Coworker is a Backstabber

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"Signs your Coworker is a Backstabber"
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We all know the 'backstabbing coworker type'. The backstabbing coworker is generally pictured as being female, a sweet talker but behind your back she gossips about you, and also can turn very nasty when you refuse to do favours for her. This of course  is the stereotypical view of the backstabbing co worker, but the backstabbing coworker can also be a male.

Here are a few signs that your coworker is a backstabber :

1. He/She is very nice to your face, and even pretends to be your friend, but as soon as you do something wrong or gossip about the next person everyone in the office knows about it. This can make it quite obvious that someone is backstabbing you behind your back but do investigate the matter.

2. Anything confidential that you tell this person gets spread round the office like wildfire. This is the most obvious sign that this coworker is a backstabber and even a blind, deaf and mute person would be able to pick this up, so try to distance yourself from this coworker or make other friends in the office.

3. This person spreads lies and gossip about you, and has everyone else talking about you behind your back. This can be quite bad for your career and eventually this type of lies reaches you. 

4. The backstabbing coworker tries to manipulate situations into getting you into trouble, and goes behind your back and complains to your supervisor about you, but never mentions a word to you.

5. The backstabbing coworker does not share information to you, and also never tries to help you learn anything new. He/She always makes you do the 'dirty work', and tries to take all the credit for it.

6. The backstabbing coworker does not help you when you need a favour but can get really nasty, abusive and aggressive if you refuse to do any favours for him/her. This person is trying to make you feel guilty and is also trying to control you. This type of person can also be very manipulative and it is not good for one to always be the company of such a coworker.

7. This coworker does not let out any information that can damage and jeopardise his/her career, but as soon as you confide in him/her the news gets taken to top management and you are made to look bad.

Backstabbers are everywhere in the workplace. It is up to an employee to recognise this person and stay away from him/her.

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