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Signs that you should Change your Career

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"Signs that you should Change your Career"
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You spend most of your day, and your life, at a job that you may love or you may hate. The fact is, most Americans are unhappy with their current job as stated by a recent poll. That being the case, they continue to do what they do despite their dislike for it. At this point, and this economy, it is all about the money. People need to keep their jobs.

But there is a boiling point and this point is where a worker realizes he or she wants more in their lives than working every day at a job that doesn’t fit them, or a job that they absolutely hate.  A person who wants more from their life will do what it takes for self-improvement and motivation, which lends directly to a better career and motivation in the workplace.

Are you ready to move on? A new career? Possibly a new lease on life? Well, here are 3 signs that you should change your career.

1. Your job is negatively affecting your personal life.
2. Your job was a ‘temporary’ job until you found the dream job.
3. You will never earn as much money unless you change careers.

Each person is different. Some can stick with a ‘no-growth’ job till the day they retire. They still believe in job security and most can’t see past the current paycheck. Career oriented individuals, whether they do it to climb a corporate ladder or specifically for more dollars on a paycheck, will take action and set goals to get what they want.

1. Your job is negatively affecting your personal life.

If your job is taking its toll on you and it affects you physically, mentally, and philologically, it is a good time to reassess your job and seek employment elsewhere. This may mean a change of careers because your job somewhere else will probably affect you the same exact way.

Leaving a job for another similar one due to your hatred for it will probably be the same thing over and over again. Chasing the money despite the fact that you hate what you are doing does and will never make the situation better. Money does not solve the problems, self-fulfillment does. Sure, money helps, but self-fulfillment helps you a lot more!

2. Your job was a ‘temporary’ job until you found the dream job.

You may have ‘fell into’ this job right out of college. Or due to immediate needs with the thought of it as only being temporary.  The next thing you know, years go by and you are used to the daily routine. But you know this is not what you set out to do but did due to necessity.

The timing will never be right. You just have to do it and do it now – find the dream job or the job that is more suited for your career goals. Most people wait. Most workers try to turn their lost passion into the thankfulness that they already have a job. This presents a problem as years go by.  Opportunities will become fewer and far between, regrets for wasting their life doing something they do not want to do affects their psychological well-being, and the next thing they know they are retired and they look back at what should have been.

Before this happens, change your career and actively find something that you have always wanted to do. If it’s the money, they say, if you do what you love the money will follow. But it will never happen unless you are passionate and active in your career goals.

3. You will never earn as much money unless you change careers.

Some jobs just are what they are. There is no growth except for the measly raise every year. There is no upward growth and no way to earn more money unless you change your career.

Changing careers, as in all the signs above, could mean more or continued education. It could mean a season of sacrifice in order to be successful at what you want.  There is no doubt that changing your career due to any sign above will mean hardships at first, but the long term benefits will outweigh the current frustrations in a dead end career.  

Do something now. Waiting for the perfect time will never come. Before you know it, you’re in a career you wanted out of for life. When you should have been in a career that you love, pays more, and gives you a sense of self-fulfillment!

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