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PayPal is the most used and also disputably most trusted online payment processor currently. Many users from the Internet prefer to pay and receive money on the Internet via PayPal. There has been a great increase in the usage level of payment processor as compared to the level in the past. This increase in usage of online payment processors is largely due to the increase in the popularity of "online earning opportunities". There are actually quite a good number of legitimate online payment processors like Moneybooker, Alertpay and E-Gold to choose from. However, if you could probably noticed, most of them is paying through PayPal. In additionally, PayPal is also the most preferred payment processor for Internet transactions by most netizens.

List of Online Jobs that pay with PayPal

Since the topic is about providing the list of online jobs that pay with PayPal, I will go straight to the point by introducing the genuine online job websites that are tried and tested. The following is the most comprehensive list of online job websites that pays with PayPal based on my personal experiences:

A) Get Paid To Write - This is probably one of the most popular website with a wide range of features like writing contests and market place where users have the opportunity to sell their articles. The minimum amount to be requested is US$25 via PayPal. - Based on my personal experience, this website pays comparatively more. The minimum amount to be paid to users used to set at US$50. But it has been revised to US$10. Mode of payment is PayPal. - This is a advertisement revenue sharing get paid to write website which pays writers based on the page views to their articles. The best part about this website is that it is quite flexible in what you write and the most popular topic with this get paid to write site is probably lifestyles and jokes. Minimum payout is less than US$1. Mode of payment is PayPal. - This website is quite unique as compare to most get paid to write site as it publish reviews, abstracts and even translation. This is where you can actually load in your high school assignments to earn some decent income. Based on my experience, it really takes a great amount of page views to your articles to make a substantial amount of money. With this website, quantity counts as website review seem to be most popular in terms of generating page views. The minimum payout is set at US$10 and this site will pay users via PayPal. - This is a liberalized journalism website that pays you to write primarily news articles. The best part about this website is that there is no minimum payout set. Mode of payment is PayPal. - This is another get paid to write articles website which is more similar to Helium. The only difference is that this website accepts the submission of content like videos and even audio for users to earn. Users' revenue are based on advertisement revenue sharing system. If you like to write about life, travel and fun stuffs in your demographic position, this is certainly the website for you to start earning big money. Mode of payment is via PayPal.

B) Get Paid To Discuss - This website generally pays member to start discussion topics, response to topics and posting of pictures. The minimum amount for payment is set at US$10 and the mode of payment is PayPal.

C) Get Paid To Blog - This is basically a website that pays user to accomplish task with stipulated guidelines on what to post on their respective blog. Payment will be made on a per post basis and will be paid through PayPal. The amount to be paid varies around $5 to $10. - Similarly, this website pays user to accomplish tasks. The payment for a blog post varies from $2 to as much as $12. Mode of payment is PayPal.

D) Get Paid To Post Advertisements - Google Adsense is the most popular get paid to post advertisements program currently. It is the most widely used by bloggers and webmasters to generate Internet revenues. The payment to users is based on pay per 1000 unique impressions or also known as PPM or CPM. The mode of payment is via PayPal. - Similar to Adsense. Payment to users is by PayPal.

E) Get Paid To Link - This is probably the latest earning online opportunity that I have personally discovered. I have been paid and so it is genuine. It basically pays user to put up links to web address. That way, not only you can shorten the web addresses, you will be able to earn an incentive for linking it through Linkbee. The mode of payment is PayPal.

F) Get Paid to Search - This website used to be known as 'MySearchFund', but it has changed its name not too long ago. All you need to do is to search and this website will pay you for it. The currency used for the payment is in GBP and the minimum payout amount is set at 20. The mode of payment is PayPal.

G) Freelance Online Jobs - This website generally works like an auction website. The buyers are people who wants to buy service and freelancers will get in to bid for the job. This website offers many mode of online payments and PayPal is one of them. - This is a online job website. It is essentially ideal for people who really wants to find jobs like data-entry, online administration, personal assistant and so on. The mode of payment is PayPal.

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