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Office Tips how to Work with a Tattletale

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"Office Tips how to Work with a Tattletale"
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Do you work with a tattletale at the office? These types of people are annoying because it seems like they are still stuck in high school, or even grade school. If you say something bad about someone, or you come in a few minutes late, and the tattletale will tell on you. This is frustrating because you expect to be able to work with adults when you are in the workplace. What are some ways you can deal with this problem?

The first way you can deal with this is to spread false rumors. The tattletale will most likely not bother to check the source of the information, but instead go straight to the boss with it. This could really get the tattletale to stop being so childish if the boss realizes that he is being lied to, or that the tattletale has been in the office one too many times today.

If this doesn't work, you should be prepared to deal with this person. Keep in mind everything you say and do will be used against you at some point, so keep your nose clean. While most bosses don't really have time for snitches, it could be that the tattletale has been told by the boss that he wants the inside scoop. So, before you go and complain about someone spying on you, be aware that the boss could have set it up himself.

When the boss hasn't told someone to tattle on you, but you see that someone is talking about you to the boss, you should level the playing field. Find some dirt and then threaten to use it on the tattler if that person doesn't stop. Most people who talk about others are cowards, or they are way too obsessed with bringing others down. They will cower as soon as they know that they aren't the ones holding all the cards.

A great way to get a tattler to stop being so nosy is to leave that person out of the office activities. I'm not talking about not being invited to the game on Saturday, but not even being involved with projects at the office. When the boss realizes that this person not only talks about everyone, but also provides little value, that person will most likely be sent away, or reassigned within the company. Business is all about production, so a good boss will see that a tattler is not good for the office.

Nobody likes a person who spends all day talking about other people. The best thing you can do about it is to simply ignore it, or strong arm the tattler out of the day to day goings on in the office. Once this happens, you should have nothing to worry about assuming that your boss hasn't intentionally hired someone to snitch and spy at the office. 

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