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If your dream job would be to work from home, you may feel that without strong computer literacy skills and internet access, you won’t be able to achieve your dream.  While it is true that many work from home opportunities are Internet-based, there are still plenty of work from home opportunities that don’t require you to use a computer.  Jot down some of these suggestions, then, get to work planning a way for you to take advantage of these work from home opportunities!


Aspiring chefs or really good cooks can start a career right in their own kitchens!  Running a restaurant is expensive and time consuming, but starting a catering business and running it from your home won’t cost nearly as much as starting your own restaurant.  You won’t need Internet access to run the business, and you can set your own hours, working whenever you want to!

Art lessons

If you have artistic talent, consider starting a business in which you share your artistic gifts to your local community from the comfort of your own home.  You can teach music lessons, visual art classes, and if your home is big enough, you can create a dance studio in your basement or teach group theatre classes there.  Internet access is not required for any of these work from home options. 

Childcare/pet sitting

Looking after other people’s young children from your home is a wonderful option for people who enjoy children and want to work from home but don’t want to do “office work” from home.  Depending on where you live, you may be required to have a criminal record check and a license to work with children before you can advertise your babysitting services.  If you like pets and welcome other people’s pets in your home, you create a doggy day care service for pet owners who will pay you to watch their pets while they are unavailable. 

Odd jobs

There is always work available for those who are willing.  If you are skilled in multiple areas you can start a home based business where you do odd jobs for people like mending clothes, painting signs, polishing silver, applying makeup to brides to be and editing high school essays.  There will always be odd jobs available to those who have the time to do them and all of these jobs can be done in your home.

Even though you may prefer doing work from home that doesn’t require using the Internet, having a computer and using non-Internet programs like Word and Excel will help you organize receipts and notes for your home based business.  There are many opportunities to work from home and make a good income as long as you consistently work and pursue work from home opportunities that best suit your skills and abilities. 

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