Manager vs Entrepreneur Major Personal Differences

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"Manager vs Entrepreneur Major Personal Differences"
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When you compare managers and entrepreneurs you need to first look at the definitions of both titles. A manager is someone who directs a team and an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. With these definitions you can surmise that an entrepreneur can be a manager but a manager cannot be an entrepreneur. The reasons for this are plentiful, but it basically comes down to the type of person you are. If you like to control all aspects of a situation then you are generally a manager, but if you are someone who works through problems with people then you are more likely an entrepreneur.

A manager is someone who is what is known as a micro-manager. They like to control all aspects of their workplace. Each person is given their assigned tasks and a manager will look over your shoulder until you finish it. They do not like to give up control enough to find out if you could do it on your own because they think if you make a mistake that it will come down on them.

Unfortunately, with this attitude the people who work for a manager are less likely to grow in their career and will either stagnate or leave the company or position quickly. This will help to perpetuate the feelings of the manager that no one can measure of to him in their skill levels. This type of demeanor works well when you have a person that needs to be consistently supervised. Someone who can't take a task and see if through on their own, they need to have it explained to them step by step.

An entrepreneur is generally considered a leader versus a manager. They will give people tasks and a deadline and generally leave them alone until it is completed. They will trust people to get the job done without having to constantly look over their shoulder. When they hire someone they believe that they have hired someone who is qualified to handle the tasks before them, so they don't think they should have to ask for status reports on an hourly basis. The people who work for them are normally intelligent individuals who will move up quickly in the company, because their boss has helped to build their confidence and it will be noticed by not only their boss but other people within the company. This type of manager believes that it is important to have people with varied skill sets because it will only enhance his own skills and abilities.

Of the two different types of managers mentioned, it is normally more productive to work for a leader versus a manager. You will be able to improve your skill set and to move up within the company because you have learned good managerial skills from a true leader. Learning how this type of person manages an office will help you to be able to become a leader within the company and it will help you in all facets of your life.

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