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How you can get Paid to try Products

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"How you can get Paid to try Products"
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In our Internet world today it would appear we are under attack from the survey companies. Every advertisement is for you to make millions of dollars just answering a few questions. There are a few honest and legitimate sites out there, but if you are anything like me after a few years completing surveys you just begin to tire of the same questions.

However the same cannot be said of product testing. This is one type of survey I personally welcome to my in box. Here is where you get to try out products, keep the item and get paid for doing so.

Over the years I have tested many household and beauty products, but my favorite item I was asked to give a test run on, was a PSP. Not only was I paid for completing the survey but I was allowed to keep the item.

One drawback is that you are always asked to sign a disclaimer, should you develop a rash or allergy to anything. I did test a hand cream which unfortunately made my hands itch, immediately I stopped using it and of course reported everything on the survey questions.

When you are looking for companies to join there are two points to remember: Never pay any fees up front to sign up with them and read their terms and conditions. There are unfortunately a few newer sites who now offer the chance to try products at home, complete the survey and keep the item. These companies have found that some testers are happy working without the additional bonus of being paid for their work. Always ensure that you earn a fee for testing the merchandise, you cannot actually choose which product to test, so to take 3 month's supply of a lipstick in red, when you really like to wear brown, is not going to substitute earnings for you.

Product testing is a genuine work opportunity and you have to learn how to report your findings accurately. As with most work from home positions the monetary gain is not high, however if you can add to your survey fee the cost of say three month's worth of washing powder, then yes the profit is there. This is why you must only sign up with the reputable companies who pay you for your time and not just with a product.

So if you are looking for ways to boost or supplement your earnings, then maybe testing products would suit you.

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