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How to Write your own Job Description

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"How to Write your own Job Description"
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How to write your own job description is something which one may be required to establish for any one of a number of potential reasons. It may be that one is required to write one’s own job description where one has acquired a more senior position within one’s company and is required to assist in the recruitment of a successor, it may be that one is applying for a position within the company or a different company and thus has to detail one’s experiences, or it may be that one is required to provide details of one’s duties and responsibilities to a new boss or manager.

It is vital therefore in the first instance that one carefully consider the reason why one is required to write one’s own job description. This is quite simply not so that one can provide a false impression as regards one’s job description but in order that one may portray oneself in the proper light. There is nothing dishonest about seeking to emphasise one’s strong points and the more technical aspects of one’s duties in this fashion, as such practices are part and parcel of everyday business and commerce.

The first step in determining how to write your own job description is to consider the precise details of the duties which one performs on a daily or weekly basis. This is the technical part which will be similar irrespective of the reason why one is preparing the job description and should include an overview of the physical tasks associated with one’s job. It is important to provide only a summary of these procedures and not provide an overly detailed description where it is unlikely to be necessary.

Writing one’s own job description next has to include details of precisely what one is responsible for and why these everyday tasks are necessary in the bigger picture. This may include details of sales targets which one has to achieve, responsibilities which one has for the safe and efficient functioning of machinery, or supervision duties of other workers for whom one is immediately responsible.

It is ultimately the case that one should consider when writing one’s own job description how one’s duties affect the overall functioning of the company or business. It may be that one’s responsibilities are as part of an assembly chain upon which other departments depend, or it may be that one is responsible for the way upon which customers of the business are serviced and thus made to feel about the business in general. This is where one has to very clearly demonstrate one’s overall value to the company and the essential nature of the role one performs.

How to write your own job description may be summarised as providing both an overview of the mechanics of the position, as well as demonstrating and justifying the importance of the job to the smooth and successful running of the business.

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