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The time arises for most of us when we feel we need to leave our current job. There are various reasons as to why people leave their jobs, from self enhancement or maybe you've been given a better offer. Some find another job to acquire new experiences in another place of employment, or sometimes conflicting personalities amongst co-workers tell us it's time to move on.

Whatever the reason for leaving your job and giving them notice to terminate your employment, you must take heed of the old cliche 'Don't burn your bridges'.

In your letter of termination, remain thankful and optimistic, and although it can be hard to do at times, omit all past experiences and avoid emotion from your letter to ensure your parting words retain dignity.

Following are the steps you should follow to write a two-week notice.


Begin any letter you write with your name address written on the top right of the page.

Jane Doe
1 Langley Rd
Coburg 3189

Address the letter to your manager and the company address.

Attention: Brian Lumley
No fixed addressed

Put the date about 2 spaces below the company address.

Tuesday 13th November, 2007

Address your letter to your manager.

Dear Brian (If you call him by his first name, but Mr Lumley if not)

In the past I have used the wording below for the content of the letter.

This is a letter to advise you of my decision to terminate my employment with (insert company name)
I intend to give two weeks notice starting on (insert date) and my last day of employment will be (insert date).

I thank you sincerely for the opportunity you gave me working for such a wonderful company, I have been very happy, and have learned a lot about the industry. But unfortunately I feel that (reason for leaving-not personal reasons as to other peoples personalities). You can put in this part that 'it is time to further your education' or have 'decided to move to a larger company that is providing you with a challenge, and will further your experience (in whatever field)'.

Again, I thank you for everything you have done for me and I am regretful about leaving.
I have very fond memories of my time and experiences here at (company name).

Sign the letter off as Yours Sincerely, and personally sign the letter.

Always put your letter into a clean white envelope marked attention of your manager.

Now that the easy part is over, you need to hand the letter over. This is always the difficult part when terminating your employment, or giving notice. You could be faced with an interview situation with your employer giving you the opportunity for more money, trying to talk you out of leaving or could be faced with someone who says 'Okay, bye'.

Or as I experienced once, straight after I had handed my employer my termination he went to lunch an hour later and had a heart attack.


As I said earlier, do not burn your bridges. You will need to rely on this employer for a future reference, and may possibly be re-employed by them in the future.
If you work in a particular industry, you may have already realized just how small the world is, everyone knows everyone.

Tie up all your loose ends. Make sure you do not leave the next person to fill that position in a mess.

Don't slack off. Just because you have given notice don't start taking extra time for lunch or put your feet up on the table.

I hope this has helped you when writing your two week notice letter to terminate employment.

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