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You can earn $400 a week or more sitting at home in a recliner making crafts. There are many legitimate work at home crafts assembly jobs you can do. Here is some advice about setting up your workplace and the supplies you need to work at home assembling crafts. There are also five legitimate craft assembly jobs you can do at home with websites. You can work part time or full time. You may have to practice to make the crafts item correctly and you have to pay attention to detail and be patient.

You will need a place to work with a table and lamp in your home. If you have a sewing room that might be a good place to work. You can also get a craft table and set it up in the living room or den. Try to decide on a good location for making crafts in your house. You may need plenty of light to see through a magnifying glass so you may want to set up a craft table near a window and a lamp.

You may need to have a sewing basket and supplies like scissors, rulers, glue and pencils. You might need to have glue guns and glue for glue guns. You may need to have needles and thread. You can keep these supplies in sewing or craft baskets and plastic totes near the craft table. You may want to have a combination light and magnifying glass that rests on your shoulder to do crafts with. You may also want to add some flexible lights you can attach to the table you work at. You can find those at crafts stores and discount stores.

You will also probably need plenty of plastic bags to keep the finished craft items in. When you have completed a craft item put it in a plastic bag immediately so it does not get soiled. The item may not pass inspection if there is anything wrong with it. So keep every craft item you make in plastic bags. You will also probably want to keep them in a safe place like a plastic storage container with a lid so they won't be damaged.

You also may need plenty of cardboard boxes to mail the craft items in, labels and postage stamps. You can also print labels with postage. You will also need tape for packages. The tape you ordinarily use is not wide or strong enough, you need tape that is made for packages that are mailed. If you don't see it anywhere else the Post Office sells it.

Here are the five legitimate work at home crafts jobs you can try. These are two work at home crafts jobs making dollhouse miniatures and jobs making angel pins, wooden crosses, ornaments and magnets. Please read the information on the websites and the information they send you very carefully. Read the information more than once and make sure you understand it.

At this crafts job you can earn 500.00 a week making angel pins. You can make 200 pins per week earning $2.50 for each angel pin you make. You don't need special tools to make the pins. No sewing is required. The pins are made with wired ribbon, craft wire and beads. You'll be paid weekly. You'll be reimbursed for shipping costs. The Starter Kit is $22.97 and there's a Money Back Guarantee.

You can earn money making miniatures for Cottage Industries. The projects you can work on include wooden jewelry boxes and bows. A $50 deposit is required. You are paid $50 for each set of ten miniature jewelry boxes you make according to their standards.

You can earn $500 a week making wooden Disciples Cross pendants. You can make up to eight units of 50 crosses per week or 400 crosses. You are paid $1.25 for every cross you make that meets their quality standards and $1.00 each to reimburse for materials. You are also sent up to $5.00 per unit of 50 crosses to reimburse you for mailing expenses. There is a Guaranteed Buy Back Program.

You can earn $400 a week making magnets and ornaments for the Magical Gift Company. On the website they advise you to call them at 1 860 482 3955 so you will know how much you'll be making per project. There are more than 30 different home assembly projects you can work on. The Starter Kit Fee is $49.95 per project plus S&H. You will get a full refund after completing 250 items. Training DVDs are $14.95. The address is 38 Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790.

You can earn $400 - $500 a week making these dollhouse miniatures. There are different projects you can work on including notebooks, books and magazine racks. The miniatures must be completed within 60 days. You can contact them by phone at 1 607 898 9046 or by email at

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