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How to State your Objectives in your Resume

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"How to State your Objectives in your Resume"
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There are many different ways to catch the prospective employer's attention and a well written resume objective is one of the best.

However, include a resume objective and you must remember that the employer expects the objective to answer this specific question: will this candidate apply his or her skills to add value to the organization's activities?

Nothing else. So if you do use resume objectives you must immediately answer that question in a manner that is obvious to the employer. So put yourself in the employer's position and see if your resume objective will answer the question: what's in it for me?

Your 'Resume Objectives' statement must not be a vague sentence such as "seeking new challenges in a stimulating environment" but must have real substance:

* States your preferred work situation/next job
* Specifies your targeted industry or market
* Shows strong benefits to a prospective employer
* Indicates your greatest skills
* Defines the level of the position you are seeking

An example of a well-written resume objectives statement could read like this:

"As Chief Engineer I aim to apply my specialist skills in continuous improvement and world class manufacturing to increase efficiency, reduce waste and losses due to downtime. Wherever I can, I will initiate and manage strategic change programs and implement effective quality improvement to help maintain the position and financial strength of my employer".

Always customize the objective statement to the specific position, even though this means changing the resume with each new application.

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