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How to Make Money Reading Books

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"How to Make Money Reading Books"
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Are you the type of person who would curl up with a good book for eight to ten hours a day if you could? Would you like to make money doing that for a living?

I've been researching ways to make money by reading. Here's what I've found so far....

1. Become a story analyst. I've been reading a book titled Reading for a Living by T.L.Katahn. It gives great tips on how to be a professional story analyst for film and television. These industries pay people to read scripts that are submitted and write coverage for them. Basically, producers receive so many submissions that they can't read all of them. They need people to pick out the good stuff so they don't have to read all the other bad writing. The problem with this job is that I've read you basically have to live in New York or L.A. in order to find work.

2. Proofreading - If you have great grammatical skills and an awesome eye for detail, you could proofread manuscripts for publishing companies. I haven't pursued this yet, but I've heard you can write to publishing companies and they will give you a test to take if they are looking to hire freelancers. If you pass, they'll give you an assignment. I'd love to hear more about how to get started doing this.

3. Book reviewing - You could always read books and then write a review on them. There are a ton of online places to publish your reviews such as, and Or you could look up different magazines in Writer's Digest's resource book and see if they accept books reviews.

I would love to know how you can read manuscripts that people submit to publishing companies such as novels and other nonfiction books without having to proofread them.

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