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How to Make Money on Fixya

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"How to Make Money on Fixya"
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© is a website where people can go to get their questions answered.  On everything from vacuum cleaners to computer motherboards to toasters, Fixya's experts are standing by, reading to assist the site's visitors with their problems.  If you have a little bit of technical know-how, you too can be a Fixya expert - and get paid to solve people's problems.

There are several different ways to make money on Fixya.  The quickest way is to write tips or short how-to articles that visitors can read.  These articles can be written about any product found on the site - from a brand new cell phone to an ancient fax machine - or about a category in general (such as laptops or desktops) and you'll earn money every time someone reads your article.  Common titles sound something like "How to take apart a shredder" or "Tips for rewiring a light switch," and they only have to be 250 words long.

You won't get rich writing tips or how-to articles, but you can make a little bit of pocket change.  On your profile page, you can see how many times your article has been viewed, and it will also get ranked (between 1 and 4 thumbs up) by those who read it.  The articles that are viewed the most and ranked the highest will make the most money.  Your earnings get updated daily, so you can keep track of how you're doing.

The other way to make money on Fixya is by becoming a Premium Expert.  Fixya has two levels of user questions - free questions and premium questions.  Users can ask free questions on any topic, and may or may not get the question answered.  But when they ask a premium question, they'll have to pay for the answer, but one of the site's Premium Experts will get paid to answer the question, so there's a better chance of the user getting their question answered.  You have to qualify to become a Premium Expert, which is Fixya's way of making sure that the Premium Experts (at least generally) know what they're talking about.

As a Premium Expert, you can get paid $4 for answering a question that's posted to the site.  You can post your answer, and if the asker accepts your solution, you'll get paid.  They may have more questions for you, or you may need to ask them some questions for clarification, so this isn't always a one-step process.

You can also answer live questions via the website's chat feature, and for successfully answering a chat question, you can make between $6 and $10.  Or you can qualify to become a phone expert, and for helping users over the phone, you'll earn $10-15 for each problem solved.

In order to make money using Fixya, you'll have to qualify as an expert.  The process is relatively painless, and basically just involves answering free questions so that the site's operators can gauge your knowledge, professionalism, and customer service ability.

You won't have to pay anything in order to start earning on Fixya, and for those with some technical knowledge, it can be a fun way to make some side income.  Read Fixya's expert guidelines and see if you have what it takes to make money on

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