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How to Live a Normal Life when you Work Overnight

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"How to Live a Normal Life when you Work Overnight"
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No matter what job you have or what hours you work, there are bound to be times that you miss out on things because you have to work. If you are me, you know this experience first hand. I work overnights, and I miss out a lot. I don't get to go anywhere with my friends, because they wrok days while I am sleeping, and I work at night when they are sleeping. When we do get together I usually have to stay up during the day to go have lunch or shopping with them, but that's not easy, since it cuts into my sleeping time.

Concerts, movies and just about anything else that normal people do at night, I have to book vacation time for, which is not ideal for me because I would love to take a week to go on vacation, but sometimes I have to take part of the week unpaid, because I used up too many vacation days, by seeing my favorite band, or meeting up with my friends after months of not seeing them.

It is very hard to do what needs to be done, when it comes to laundry and house work as well. On my nights off, I do my laundry at around 2 am, because if I don't do it then, it won't get done. Housework gets done between getting up, making supper, having a shower, and going to work, somewhere in between these things. I don't get as much time to do this as I would like, but what do you do?

I won't continue to go on about how terrible it is to work overnights, because I have become accustomed to it, and I am now getting things in order, and learning how to live a normal life. I have myself on a regular schedule that I try to adhere to as much as possible. My shift ends at 6 am, so I try to be home by 6:30. I usually watch a show that I have recorded from the night before, just to unwind, and as to not make too much noise, as there are people sleeping at my house. I am in bed by 7:30. I sleep until 4 or 5 pm, make supper, do the dishes from the day, sweep and vacuum, eat, do anything that may not be able to wait another day, such as cleaning the bathroom or folding laundry, shower, relax for 30 minutes, and then go to work for 9:30.

There are times when we will go to a movie if it starts before 7 pm, at which time I will put something off until the next day, but it doesn't happen very often. Then on my days off, I do try to catch up during the night, as I try to keep my schedule as regular as possible. Shopping and running errands get done in the morning, if I have to do them, I will wait until noon to sleep. Its really not that bad.

It isn't an ideal lifestyle, I will admit, but its mine.

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