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How to Handle the Boss who Plays Favorites

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"How to Handle the Boss who Plays Favorites"
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One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that above all, managers are still human beings. We are prone to making mistakes, and sometimes we do things that we will regret. One of the biggest mistakes a manager can make is giving certain people benefits that others don't get, based on the fact that someone is a favorite of the manager. Also known as playing favorites, it can happen very easily, and most of the time the manager may not even realize that he is doing it. If you work for a boss that plays favorites, how can you break through and connect with your boss?

Well, keep in mind that at any level, every boss plays favorites. There are always going to be certain employees that a boss will favor, and that is just a fact of being a human being. It could happen for a variety of reasons, whether it be an employee does a really good job, or a really good job of sucking up. It could be that an employee has a family connection to the boss, or is the relative of a higher level manager, and your boss needs to look good for that boss.

If you feel your boss is playing an extreme case of the favorites, you can always complain to either that manager, or the manager above your manager. Your manager may not even be aware that he is playing favorites, or if you have a problem with it, your manager may even be willing to give you a bigger role in the job sharing. For example, I had an employee complain that she felt I was playing favorites, so I let her help me out in a larger capacity for her next shift.

Before you complain though, make sure that you are deserving of an increased role on the job. I have had other complain I play favorites, merely because I wouldn't let a certain employee have a larger responsibility level. It was because this employee had a reliability issue, and wasn't particularly good at what she did. In this case, it was warranted, and I had to talk to this employee and let her know that it was due to work performance, and if she improved, I would let her do more.

If you feel that your boss is playing favorites, and is doing so blatantly, and you feel like you deserve a larger share of the responsibility, talk to a higher up in the company. Perhaps he or she can sit down with your boss, and explain to him that the situation is not good for morale, and should be dealt with swiftly.

If none of that works, maybe you just need to find a new job, after all it isn't worth it to work hard, and then never get rewarded for it. Hopefully some of these tips work, as I was once a boss who liked to play favorites, and honestly wasn't even aware of it. All it takes usually is just a little communication, and if your boss is a halfway decent human being, he will allow you a bigger role on the job if you are deserving of it.

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