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How to Deal with a Disgruntled Employee

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"How to Deal with a Disgruntled Employee"
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Have you ever had to deal with a disgruntled employee? If you have ever dealt with a disgruntled employee, you know that it can be very difficult and sometimes a very tense situation to have to deal with. While most employees know where to vent and how to communicate their displeasure toward a situation, there are some who just fly off the handle.

These types of employees have to be dealt with very carefully, and you need to do your homework before taking any actions against these types of employees. While a disgruntled employee is generally someone who has been let go from the company, an employee can still be negative and hostile while still employed by a company, so it is better to tread softly.

The best way to deal with a disgruntled employee is with many people around you when you have to have a conversation or dismiss an employee. There are far too many things that can go wrong if you are approaching a person just by yourself. You are at work which means you are aren’t going to have too many means of defending yourself if things do get violent or out of control.

Another good tactic is to at least try talking to them in a respectful manner whenever they do something good. Sometimes a disgruntled employee just feels like they get no respect and that what they do doesn’t matter to people. Sure, most people will stay late or can handle extra tasks without needing a pat on the back, but some need extra attention.

Try to establish a relationship with the disgruntled employee and see if there is anything you can do to help out. Sometimes people lash out when they are simply seeking help or a resolution to a problem that they don’t feel is being worked out right now. They might feel like HR is ignoring them, or that they can’t get by with what they are making. Perhaps all they want are extra hours or a slight raise and they will feel a lot better.

Disgruntled employees tend to simply be less mature than others. They take everything as a slight and aren’t sure how to express concerns in an adult manner. Protect yourself at all times when surrounded by someone who might lash out, but sometimes it can be as easy as showing you care.

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