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How much Money do Wedding Planners Make

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"How much Money do Wedding Planners Make"
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Wedding coordinators enjoy a sophisticated job. People in this type of employment have the ability to create memories that will last a lifetime for their clients. Salaries of wedding coordinators vary from state to state and level of clientele. Although this is a glamorous position, wedding coordinators work very hard to ensure that each couple's special day is perfect. This industry is growing more and more every day, and many are finding that becoming educated in wedding planning boosts their income level.

The function of a wedding coordinator is to assist the wedding couple in every aspect of the wedding. Business degrees are helpful as well as certification in wedding planning. The wedding business is much like others in terms of pay. If you have a degree you will earn more. Couples oftentimes only wish to hire a wedding coordinator who has an education. That is not to say that you cannot make a very decent wage without one if you have experience in this area; however, a coordinator can make up to twice as much with a degree.

Salaries for wedding coordinators who work for a wedding planning company normally range anywhere from $26,000-$34,000 per year with the median income being somewhere around $30,196 annually. Once a coordinator moves up to a manager's position they can expect a rate of pay that is between $47,000 and 64,000 with a median wage of around $51,000.

Wedding Coordinators who work independently can expect to be paid anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per event. Experience along with a good reputation contributes greatly to how much one makes. Those who work for companies can expect an hourly wage or yearly salary.

If a wedding coordinator focuses most of her time on larger weddings she will of course make more money. There are other details that will affect a coordinator's pay scale as well such as; experience, location, and who is getting married. Wedding coordinators who plan the weddings of celebrities make much more than the above stated salaries.

One of the perks that wedding coordinators are entitled to come in the form of travel. Couples who are planning a destination wedding pay for the transportation and lodging of the wedding coordinator to accompany them on the trip.

A Church Wedding Coordinator is normally a person who works with the church to help plan the wedding only. Her duties will end the moment a bride walks down the aisle. She will have a rate of pay of $50 - $100 and is usually a church member who has picked up this ministry to assist those who are planning the bulk of the wedding themselves. She will meet with the couple before the wedding, at the rehearsal, and before the wedding to make sure that the event goes off without a hitch.

It may seem that a wedding coordinator's job is full of glamour every day. The reality is that those who choose this profession will not become rich. They have to work on weekends and most often they will be meeting with couples in the evening time to go over the details of the wedding. The rewards can often times be worth it when a coordinator sees how he/she has made dreams come true for the special couples that they are working with.


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