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How Lack of Education could Prevent you from Pursuing the Career you want

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"How Lack of Education could Prevent you from Pursuing the Career you want"
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If you want to pursue a particular career it helps to have an education, which isn’t always something you consider when you’re a recalcitrant teenager who isn’t prepared to do your homework or study hard for exams. However, if you abandon your education before taking your exams so that you leave with no qualifications you end up shooting yourself in the foot. You may not care when you’re still an adolescent with no real responsibilities, but as you grow older you could find yourself still stuck in a job you hate and with a family to support.

To get anywhere these days it helps to have a decent education and to possess higher level qualifications because there is a lot of competition for jobs. Many of the unskilled jobs have gone to China and India so that the jobs which are left tend to require specialist skills and training. If you left school at an early age you may have gained some experience in the workplace, but if you’ve only had jobs where all you have to do is serve fast food or stack shelves you won’t have the kind of experience which will help you in future.

There seems to be a difference between a job and a career, anyway, since a job is something you generally do because it helps to pay the bills, whereas a career is something that you actually choose to work on. Usually, when you consider yourself to have a career you want to be the best in your field so that you can be respected by your colleagues and to be rewarded financially. To go to university to train to become a doctor or social worker or any other kind of professional takes quite a bit of time and money. You therefore want to know that it’s going to be worth it in the end.

You don’t have to take a university degree to train for a career, though, as there are plenty of vocational qualifications that are available too, which may suit you more if you’re not really academically-minded. What matters is that you are prepared to continue with your education or to return to education to learn new skills and pick up some qualifications along the way, as these will stay with you throughout your working life. Whenever you apply for a job or try to climb the career ladder you will be able to note down your qualifications, which should increase your chances of success.

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