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How Disrespecting your Boss will get you Fired

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"How Disrespecting your Boss will get you Fired"
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Showing disrespect to your boss is not a clever thing to do, because he can sack you. If you are constantly disrespectful, your boss may punish you by firing you. In addition, if you do so in front of other workers and customers, other potential employers will hear about your disrespectful conduct. This means that you could damage your further career and earning potential by being disrespectful to your boss.

Even if you feel that your boss is a complete idiot, and that you could do his job standing on your head with one hand tied behind your back, you owe him the respect due to his position, even if you cannot respect the person himself. You are paid to do your job, the boss is paid to do his, which is to supervise you, instruct you as to your duties, and tell you what to do whilst you are at work.

Your boss has the right to tell you what to do at work. If you do not do what the boss tells you, you are showing disrespect to the boss. You should follow the boss’s instructions without questioning his methods. You should do the task exactly as the boss wants it done. You can make suggestions, but you should do so in a respectful and polite manner, not by telling him that he is a complete fool.

The worst thing that you could possibly do is to have a stand-up row with the boss in front of other workers. This is likely to get you the sack forthwith. The boss could do no other than to sack you for such a public show of disrespect, if he did not sack you, other workers would no longer respect his authority.

If you have a problem to discuss with the boss, do so in a mature and adult way in private. Shouting, screaming and swearing will resolve nothing and only result in you losing your job.

In your career, you will not always like the people who supervise you, and you will not always agree with them, but being respectful is a measure of your professionalism. If you cannot treat people, including your superior, respectfully, you will not advance in your career. No company would risk promoting someone who treats people in a disrespectful manner, especially if they do so in a volatile and rude manner. Losing your temper is never a good idea, once you do so you have lost any moral high ground, or credibility, that you originally had.

Do not give the boss rude or sarcastic answers, treat him with the respect that his job title, if not his performance, warrant. One warning, incompetent bosses sometimes play power games with workers, giving orders for the sake of it, handing out unpleasant, onerous tasks because they can, especially to workers who make them feel insecure. This behaviour can be bullying. If you believe that your boss is bullying you, keep a diary of the boss’ actions. Log each incident with the time, date, and details of the incident and the names of any witnesses and their brief statements them as to what they saw. This will be useful when you go to the Human Resources department, or to your union representative.

Follow your boss’ orders and instructions, giving him the respect that his job title demands even if you cannot respect the person. By treating your boss in a respectful and professional manner, you show yourself as a reliable and valuable employee.

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