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Enthusiasm in the Workplace

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"Enthusiasm in the Workplace"
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Enthusiasm lifts people.  It communicates and gives motivation to oneself and to others. So in the workplace, where people spend a lot of their time, it is very important.

If you are an enthusiastic worker, it means you will devote time and effort to your job, over and above what is expected of you. This means that you will achieve more. You will possibly earn more money, or get yourself noticed for promotion. So enthusiasm in the workplace benefits you in terms of money. In the longer term it also means you are more attractive to other employers. Your resume looks great and you will enjoy a very good chance of finding work if you ever find yourself without it.

It will also make it more likely that you will come up with better ideas and complete projects and tasks in more imaginative ways. It helps you develop your creativity and therefore develop the way things are achieved within the company. It improves the work and profile of the company through your creativity.

Furthermore,  someone's enthusiasm in the workplace will rub off onto others. Nobody likes resentful, angry, lazy co-workers. An enthusiastic co-worker transmits that to others and helps them become more enthusiastic too. Enthusiasm benefits others and improves the lives of everyone around. It makes going to work easier, it makes working life more fulfilling. To have an enthusiastic co-worker is to be very lucky, because it is a free way of improving your own work. It helps you to deal with pressure situations, with tense periods, with dealing with mistakes.

Then enthusiasm starts growing and it becomes a company culture. Everyone pulls together to improve things in the best way they know how.

If enthusiasm is ingrained in a workplace, what does that mean for the company? Well, it means that everyone enjoys work more. But it also means that clients and customers know that they are coming to a place where problems are solved thoughtfully, where maximum effort is made to please the customer and to provide exactly what the customer wants. In turn, this means that the company is very well placed in a competitive marketplace.

It means, in short, that the product you make is more likely to be a good one. This is by far the best long-term guarantee of jobs and of job security. By being enthusiastic in your work, you are making it more likely that you and your co-workers will stay in work.

Finally, enthusiasm in the workplace makes work more attractive for all. If someone sees that your office or shop or workshop is a buzzing place, full of people doing their best because they have ideas and want to use them, then that means you are more likely to get them wanting to work for you. You can increase the number and quality of candidates coming to you, and thereby help to guarantee the future of the company.

Enthusiasm in the workplace is essential. It is not easy to keep up and it is about culture as much as anything: managers must encourage it by listening to employees, giving good opportunities for them to change things and being as supportive as possible. But without it, individuals and companies stagnate, resulting in job losses and unemployment.

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