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Careers at Union Pacific Railroad

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"Careers at Union Pacific Railroad"
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A Career at Union Pacific May Be Your Ticket!

Union Pacific is a highly respected company that offers its employees a very attractive future. Jobs at Union Pacific pay quite well. All workers receive great benefits and can look forward to a solid future. Union Pacific is frequently at the top of many “best employers” lists and the company’s recent awards prove the point.

BusinessWeek named Union Pacific as one of the 50 “Best Places to Launch a Career” and the company is frequently on the list for 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers. Fortune magazine ranked Union Pacific the railroad industry’s “Most Admired” and ranked UP number 1 in nine important areas. Fortune also included UP in its “World’s Most Admired” companies. The company has also earned the respect of G. I. Jobs and Latina Style magazines.

Overview of jobs

Briefly, Union Pacific offers four categories of employment:        

*Train crew. Work on call, all types of weather, no experience needed.

 *Trade. Some positions require experience, training provided for others.

 *Operations Management Program. Problem solve and lead. College degree necessary. Management training provided.

 *Professional. College degree and relevant experience. Work in an office.

For any of these categories, more information is available by following the links provided at the UP site where interested job seekers can find complete details of employment.

Overview of jobs

1. Train crew requires applicants to be 18 years old, speak and read English, use a keyboard, pass a reading test and show evidence of basic math skills. Good vision and hearing are required, including color and night vision. Physical endurance and strength also required.

Newly hired train crew workers can expect to earn about $40,000 a year with an eventual salary of $75,000.

2. Trades include mechanical, electrical, telecommunication and labor. UP looks for journeyperson’s card, military training or on the job experience. For those without prior railroad experience, they will provide training, allowing workers to earn and learn. Pay varies depending on the particular field.

3. Operations Management Program puts those with a college degree in the field to work after a brief on the job training program. Engineering Associates and Transportation Associates earn about $55,000, while Mechanical Associates earn about $58,000.

4. Professionals included finance, information, marketing, supply and distribution, operations and other careers. Salaries range depending upon the specific field. Finance and Marketing positions fall between $40,000 and $45,000, Operations employees about $50,000.

Great medical, retirement, paid vacation and tuition reimbursement make for an attractive package are available to all employees.

How to apply

Union Pacific holds hiring events on college campuses spring and fall. Promising applicants may be invited for an interview in Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific seeks out those with a degree in a variety of industrial engineering fields, along with management, marketing, accounting and business administration. UP also offers internships and a Co-op program for those majoring in relevant subjects.

Recruiting fairs are held around the country year-round, some of which are designated as “military only.” The company also encourages online applications. Their web site gives extensive information on every position, including requirements, benefits, salaries, schedules of hiring fairs and current openings. The site is well designed and very easy to use.

Union Pacific has been in business for 145 years and serves the western United States.


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