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Average Salary of Ice Road Truckers

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"Average Salary of Ice Road Truckers"
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Average salary of ice road truckers

Ice road driving is a higher paying salary.  It is a dangerous and lonely profession.  A person can make $1,000 to $2,000 a load per trip.  Polar bears, wolves, and wild dogs reside and wander the roads.

There is now a  popular television show about truckers who drive on the ice.  It is very competitive and tells all kinds of tales about being an ice road trucker.  It is also a tough life because they are on the road  24 hours per day, with very few places to stop and eat.  To me, this is a passion led job where you have to like what your doing.  I believe they should be well prepared because there are so many things that can go wrong.  Even the amount they carry across the ice is scary.  Their cargo can weigh as much as 100,000 pounds or more.  A place where they have to cross the river is one of the most dangerous places on the trail.

They also have a variety of issues to deal with as far as protecting themselves from the bitter cold conditions.  The most common medical condition they deal with is getting frostbite.  This is because they are out in the bitter cold and have problems with their trucks stalling.  Another problem is starvation if they have mechanical problems and cannot get to a place to sleep and eat.  Also, other conditions which affect them are back pain, no exercise, and sleep deprivation.

There are several mechanical conditions that can happen when out on the road. The brakes could stall and the lines might dry out.  It could have trouble starting in the morning. The weather conditions might it tough to drive which may affect the truck’s performance. That is some of the reasons why it is a dangerous working job.  The field conditions are what make it a risky high paid profession.  Conditions that might make the truck jackknife are slick roads, ice, rain, snow, and icy bridges.  It is important for a trucker to have competent experience driving in these hazardous conditions, because there is a lot more pressure and stress for the trucker driving in these weather related events.  Also, there are more responsibilities such as securing cargo, keeping up maintenance of the truck, and maintaining freight capacity.  It is a high paying job where deadlines are required to be met, yet it is a financially rewarding career.

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